NATO to put Baltic states down

NATO to put Baltic states down

Decision to deploy a permanent NATO contingent in the territory of the Baltic states will be probably taken at the NATO summit in Warsaw, which is to be held on 8 and 9 July.

According to the plans, about 30,000 military men will be deployed in the territories of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia as well as Poland.

"It will be a total breach of the basic act between Russia and NATO of 1997, where NATO obliged not to deploy any regular bases and large military contingents in the territories of new member-states," the Russian MP Aleksey Pushkov claimed.

Benediktas Juodka, Chairman of the Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Committee assures that "Lithuania needs about 1,000 soldiers for the sake of calmness, that is one battalion in each of the Baltic states".

Interestingly how calm citizens of the Baltic states will be, being aware that the NATO battalions are at gunpoint of the Russian tactic missile complexes.