Enemy to be crushed: Russia creates deadly S-500 SAM system

The Russian army will be soon equipped with first samples of the new anti-aircraft missile system S-500.
New complex, which is to be at the highest level of the single Russian anti-aircraft defence system, will be able to reach targets at altitudes of about 200 kilometers. It means that S-500 will be able to strike supersonic aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles of the enemy at a distance of 640 kilometers.
The S-500 is expected to be able to detect and simultaneously strike up to ten warheads of ballistic missiles flying at the speed of seven kilometers per second. Beside that, the system is equipped with interceptor missiles with active radar homing head.
Meanwhile, Russia continues testing the S-350 Vityaz air defense system. It will be widely used to replace the older S-300PS anti-aircraft missile system.
Russia intends to interconnect the S-500 and other such complexes as the S-400, S-300VM4, S-350 and create a single integrated network of the anti-aircraft warfare.