Why Nazis reject march in Odessa

The Ukrainian public organizations Falcon (Sokol) and Freedom (Svoboda) rejected the idea of a march in honour of the Waffen SS Division Galicia in Odessa. Why namely in Odessa? And why don't the authorities react?

Yegor Kvasnyuk, political scientist, participant of the Odessa resistance movement Kulikovo Field:

"First of all, the authorities did react, otherwise there would be no refusal to carry out this event. The case is that a great quantity of bastards was brought to Odessa from the whole of Ukraine in order to assimilate the Odessa people towards the pro-Bandera ideology. And these people, who were taken here, feel themselves confident, they are occupiers, invaders. Thus, one of the units of this Nazi gang made such an offer, these were namely young Nazis from the Falcon. Everyone knows that the 28th is close to the mourning date of 2 May, and thus, central and local authorities reacted immediately. They informed Poroshenko and the Administration that in case the situation is escalated further, it may end up with a big spanking for the Nazis, who are all the same in minority in Odessa.