The Netherlands doesn't forgive Ukraine downed plane

The Netherlands doesn't forgive Ukraine downed plane

The Netherlands' PM claimed that the country may reject ratification of agreement with Ukraine after talks with the EU. The Netherlands want changes to be made on the military cooperation and political integration. What will Europe do?

Maksim Shevchenko, TV presenter, and one of the leading Russian journalists:

"The EU is not against this association as a whole. The fact is that Ukraine is a source of great problems, and the Dutch voted against because of the downed airplane, where people were killed. They believe that Ukraine is to be blamed in any case, as it is guilty of negligence, which led to death. Namely it let the civil plane fly over the combat zone, where antiaircraft means were used. Thus, Ukraine is a source of problems and conflicts for the Dutch. So, everything is possible. On the other hand, the EU's elite has its own aim, to establish its own relations with Ukraine. A big game is taking place. The EU doesn't want to quarrel with Russia, to be more exact, it wants to restore relationship with Russia. A the same time it wants to save face, as the Ukrainian issue is a principled one. Big trade, big game, big alignment. So, we'll see which configuration the parties will reach".


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