American Plan B: New war in Syria

The CIA experts and its regional partners prepared a plan of actions in case the armistice collapses in Syria. Goal of the so-called Plan B is to supply opposition forces with "weapon systems, which will help them to hit aircraft of the Syrian regime and gun stations". Is the US able to go the length of it?
Semyon Bagdasarov, expert on the Central Asian and Middle Eastern problems at the Centre of Analytical Studies:
"First of all, it was said in case Aleppo's assault was carried out. They do not want to lose Aleppo, which is partly under control of the opposition, as it is a big significant city, and so on. And it can be set as a foothold, making use of a 40-45km long way to Turkey from there. Of course they may go the length of it, they threatened to do it long ago. And first of all it's important for them to supply man-portable air-defense systems like Stinger and Blowpipe. By the way, they have already delivered some self-defence groups of the Democratic Union Party, as we say, the Syrian Kurds, so, they can easily do it. Elections, which are being held in Syria today may also prompt to it".