Drills in EU: US provokes war

The US redeploys troops and military equipment to the Eastern Europe. In such a way the Americans exercise swift shift of weaponry from the US to the EU. What for are these exercises needed? What the United States are getting ready for?
Leonid Ivashov, President of the International Centre of Geopolitical Analysis:
"It's not a new moment, as the Americans regularly hone redeployment of strategic reserves in the Eastern Europe, especially during the Baltops drills. Well, they shifted them, simulating several armoured vehicles, not such a great quantity, but they were training all the time. In the 90s, and at the beginning of the XXI century. And now they just build up the scale, but it's not clear what for. The Americans make everything possible to provoke a conflict, an armed conflict between Russia and Europe. We saw, that such attempts were evident in Ukraine, here they tried to escalate it via Turkey. Bur colliding Russia with Europe, the Americans will join in the second stage, allegedly rescuing their NATO fellows. They will wage a great war, and as a result both rivals will suffer: the economic enemy of the US, that is Europe, as well as Russia, the geopolitical rival."