WWIII: Who starts?

WWIII: Who starts?

George Friedman, founder of STRATFOR, warned that destructive interstate wars might be put into international practice again. According to his forecast, unbalanced world system may generate a new crisis. Friedman also named possible regions, where military actions can occur, that is the Eastern Europe, the Middle East, as well as war between the US and Japan.

Vladimir Anokhin, Vice President of the Russian Academy Geopolitical Problems:

"Today such thoughts are on the mind and existing instability in the Middle East makes many geopolitists shift this instability to other regions. Note that South China Sea, Japan, disputed territory in the Far East and so on do not move into the range of hot clashes. They moulder, and will keep mouldering dozens of years. But people who have already experienced such wars as the WWII, the very same Japan with its nuclear bombardment will think 33 times before it escalates conflict with China for example. Thus, these guys are currently weaving a story around military budget. And make up bogeyman stories... Well, is it possible that the Eastern Europe, old Europe unsheathes its sword against Russia? Certainly not. Does the US need war? Raising a budget is one thing, while fighting is completely different. Thus, I believe that such bogeyman stories have always existed, and when people want to attract attention to themselves, they make such claims."


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