US ready to use nuclear weapon

The US military carried out a second intercontinental ballistic missile test in a week. Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work claimed that Washington is ready to use nuclear weapons if necessary.
Given this, political scientist Dan Glazebrook explained that testing and especially its heavy coverage is a common practice of Washington. Its goal is to terrify other countries, so that they implement the US orders, as well as to show that the United States possesses nuclear weapon and is ready to use it.
According to Washington, ballistic missiles provide security in the whole world. However, despite the US itself carries out such tests, similar actions of other countries still causes alarm.
Glazebrook added, that the US is one of the few countries, which are ready to use nuclear weapon first not only in case of a nuclear attack threat, but also under war with common weapons. The United States wants to obtain monopoly over nuclear weapon of the highest level in order to have possibility to use it at its own discretion.