US outsleeps Russian army renaissance

Barack Obama called the Russian army a ''second-most powerful one''. He also noted that if Moscow continues desultory shelling, opposition will not show any success. ''Russia is a major military. Obviously a bunch of rebels are not going to be able to compete with the hardware of the second-most powerful military in the world.''
Aleksandr Bedritsky, Director of the Taurida Information and Analysis Center of RISS:
''Actually the US slept out a renaissance of the Russian army. That is the first. Secondly, no rebels, no system or non-system opposition in Syria can oppose a well-trained and -equipped high-tech army of another country. By the way, not only the Russian, but the US one too in case the Americans tried to really solve terrorism problems there. The Iraqi operation for instance clearly shows why an army which possessed almost the whole range of weapons, turned out to be totally powerless in front of the American army. There are no contradictions in these words in fact. As Obama calls the second-biggest army, the country to be regional ones. Here, the first thing is a statement of military capabilities of Russia, while the second is a place the US would like to be desirable or acceptable for Russia. Naturally, the US believes that a role of a country capable of solving global issues, issues of global international policy can be taken on only by itself, and it will try its hardest not to let Russia take this place.''