Kadyrov on World War III

A conflict of interest among the Islamic states, which pursue their own interests in the Syrian war can erupt into a global confrontation, Head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov stated and warned participants of the operation in Syria against ''sorting out ones' relationships''.
''Events on Syria develop at a furious pace. Some countries claimed about their intention to put boots on the ground and simultaneously start an air attack. Under use of air forces and subunits of some countries at a single military beachhead, there is a strong probability of accidental incidents, which are capable of provoking major conflicts and even military clashes,'' the politician wrote on his Instagram.
Satisfaction of one's own political ambitions may annihilate all the efforts on terrorism eradication in the region, Ramzan Kadyrov believes.
''Authors of wars and revolutions in the Middle East do not have plans to totally eliminate the ISIL and strengthen Bashar al-Assad's power...'' he believes.
In addition to that Kadyrov pointed out that the West and the US particularly should reconcile themselves to the fact that these are not them who still set the pace of this opposition and its settlement.