Turkey and Islamic State hold secret talks

Turkey and the Islamic State hold secret talks. As Sergey Lavrov said, Ankara and terrorists discuss new options of smuggled supplies. According to the Foreign Minister 'the Turks have exact plans or maybe have just started to develop parts of the Syrian territory upon the pretext that they set up camp sites there to accumulate the Syrian refugees, so that they do not cross the Turkish border, where camps are allegedly overcrowded.' Lavrov noted that 'Turkey still keeps talking on the creation of a security zone in the Syrian territory, which should be free from the IS'. However, it may only mean that Ankara seeks new possibilities to 'supply fighters in Syria with everything needed and get smuggled goods from them'. According to the Russian data, 'Turkey has already discussed in the NATO its intentions to create zones free from the IS in the territory of Syria'. It'll be a 'violation of all the principles of international law, as well as will increase escalation in an essential and qualitative way'. However, Sergey Lavrov believes that 'coalition led by the Americans, which comprises Turkey, will not let such reckless plans materialize'.