Saakashvili: Ukraine may seize Russia

Mikhail Saakashvili claimed that Ukraine may seize Russia.
According to him, 'the main gap of Ukraine is out-of-date anti-tank weapon. But the US has an updated one, and if it provides it, and Ukraine blasts the first 50 Russian tanks, then everything will be differently,' Saakashvili believes.
He calls the US to give Kiev necessary weapon and then the Ukrainian soldiers 'will seize the whole Russia'.
Saakashvili asserts, that 'spirit of the Ukrainian soldiers is the best one in the world and if they are provided with necessary knowledge, skills and weapon', the Russian fate will be deplorable. Head of the Odessa region drew such conclusions not by chance. Georgian instructors told him about might of the Ukrainian army, who, in their turn, were taught by the Americans, and 'thus are good judges of the morale,' Saakashvili believes.