West overlooks Russian army renaissance

The Western experts claim that potentialities of the Russian army turned out to be a surprise for the whole world and evidence a startling modernization. According to Business Insider, 'the Russian army turned out to be much more powerful than everyone believed'. The edition published a video on the Russian Aerospace Forces operation in Syria and concluded on the successful modernization of the Russian Army. The operation allowed the army to demonstrate its effectiveness to the whole world. Due to it, Russia tested new military aircraft, which had never been in field conditions before, the experts noted. As well as launched cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea waters, which can cover a distance of over 1, 500 kilometres. 'It's even more than the American analogues can cover,' Business Insider reported. 'This success shows that the Russian President Vladimir Putin managed to modernize the army, many considered to be years behind,' the edition concluded.