France unmasks Euromaidan

France unmasks Euromaidan

An investigative film Masks of the Revolution was though shown on the French TV Channel Canal+ despite the Ukrainian party being discontent with it.

The case is that the documentary runs counter to the Kiev's official interpretation of events on the Maidan and tragedy in Odessa on 2 May.

The Ukrainian Embassy in France offered Canal+ to reconsider its decision on the film show, as it's allegedly a propagandistic and misleading one. According to Kiev, the film confuses the audience concerning the tragic events Ukraine suffered.

However, the film was shown.

While shooting, the journalist of the TV Channel talked with both nationalistic parties and pro-Russian residents of Ukraine. The investigation also reveals the US influence on the events in the country. The French journalist tried to show an objective reality of 2014. But today objectivity in Ukraine is out of favour.