'Black' side of Oscar

The US Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, that officially presents the Oscar awards, will change its jury because of accusations of racial discrimination. This year motion picture professionals have faced a barrage of criticism, as there appeared to be no black actor among the Oscar nominees.

Aleksandr Mitta, film director:

'The Americans are too perplexed with polite correctness. But if they do not have good parts, what's the difference which skin they have? The matter is not of skin, but talent. We do not have such things, no one demands, and under the Soviet authorities no one demanded such a national percentage rate for all the nationalities. There just were film studios in various republics, which were funded through the budget and brought no revenue. It developed the cinema. Now they have almost disappeared, except for Kazakhstan, but it's the matter of talent. This issue is more related to their relationships and the problem of polite correctness, but not the talent.'