Saakashvili reveals Ukrainian military secret

Saakashvili reveals Ukrainian military secret

Mikheil Saakashvili, former President of Georgia and current Governor of Ukraine's Odessa region appeared to be at the centre of a scandal yet again.

This time, he posted on the internet in public positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters, maps of the Ukrainian army secret checkpoints location, faces of soldiers and commanders, as well as much more other secret data.

The case is that some days ago Saakashvili arrived to inspect positions of the Ukrainian battalion 'Storm' and got to shooting everything that happened around. After that, he safely uploaded the video with free access to it.

Noteworthy, that after such a 'piquant' video, it was not Saakashvili who was punished, but a commander of the battalion - he was ordered to leave the service.


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