US and Russia can't live without each other

Although it's quite awkwardly for the US to recognize, Russia becomes an extremely important diplomatic and security partner on the settlement of the Syrian crisis, The Washington Post says.
As David Ignatius noted in his article, it is evidenced with regular contacts between the Russian and American representatives of various levels. According to him, President Obama's readiness to cooperate with Putin is an act of 'foreign policy realism or desperation'.
'While we remain skeptical of Russian interests and intentions in Syria, we also believe that they will be an essential part of any political solution to this conflict. The degree of communication we have with them reflects that view,' one senior administration official told The Washington Post.
Nonetheless, the Obama's Administration is still utterly opposed to the support, which Moscow provides to the President Bashar al-Assad. But it seems that the US is 'doomed' to cooperate with Moscow in this matter, the author concluded.