Nuclear ash: How US wanted to destroy USSR

The US National Security Archive has declassified a list of the nuclear targets, which had to be hit in 1959 in case of war. Among those targets are the USSR, countries of the Eastern Europe, and China.
The US planned to make use of nuclear weapons in order to decrease military and industrial potential of the USSR, as well as for purposeful mass murder of the Soviet citizens.
The hit list comprises a category titled as 'Population'. Only in Moscow the American military pointed out 179 targets to be hit with bombs in case of war.
William Burr, a senior analyst for the National Security Archive at George Washington University said that the declassified list of the US Air Force's targets is the most detailed one among those that had been published.
Matthew G. McKinzie, the director of the nuclear program at the Natural Resources Defense Council noted that, 'the United States then had a huge advantage over the Soviet Union, with a nuclear arsenal about 10 times as big.