How Russia-NATO war comes out

NATO's Trident Juncture-2015 exercise, that took place in Europe this autumn should have become the most large-scale and ambitious one, but in fact just prove that the US would lose a war. Such a statement was made by the former CIA analyst Peter Vincent Pry.
He claimed that the American drills are not to be compared with the major Russian ones. While the NATO sent 1,000 military men to the Baltic States, Russia held drills in Siberia, where 160,000 soldiers took part, that is 7 times the total number of military based in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Besides, Pry believes that such acts of the US President Barack Obama cannot frighten anyone, but rather make angry. But one should not act in such direction, as nuclear potential of the US has become obsolete.
He also reminded that in contrast to the Russian successful operation in Syria against Daesh, the US fight against terrorists, which had lasted for a year and a half, failed to achieve any noticeable results. In Libya though, the US policy generated paradise conditions for terrorists.
In case the NATO drills even sent a message to Russia, it revealed the US' vulnerability, but not the force, Pry concluded.