Ukraine not to be let to Crimean drilling rigs

The Border Service of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation decided to protect drilling rigs of Chernomorneftegaz (Black Sea oil and gas company). The site is situated in the shelf area of the Black Sea and was owned by the Ukrainian national oil and gas company Naftohaz till spring 2014. Yesterday a ship that belongs to the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, approached a self-lifting floating drilling rig Taurida. The captain demanded the Russian colleagues to provide data on the crew and purpose of the drilling rig location in the area, but received no desired result. According to the press service of the Russian Border Service, a patrol vessel 'Ametist' was sent into the area after the incident 'in order to provide security of the Taurida drilling rig crew, as well as to protect and guard economic interests of the Russian Federation'.