Turkey ready to impose sanctions against Russia

The Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoğlu claimed that his country prepares retaliatory sanctions against Russia. According to him, Ankara is 'ready for all kinds of discussions with Russia but will never accept being dictated to.' Davutoğlu stated that Turkey is not the country that can be brought to its knees. It develops alternative plans, and there is a solution for everything. 'But we hope that the crisis with Russia will be overcome and there will be no need to resort to these measures', the Turkish PM noted.
Vladimir Avatkov, Director of the Center of Oriental Studies, International Relations and Public Diplomacy:
'It should be started with Turkey downing the Russian Su-24. After that it set a course for blaming us for this process, what is absolutely wrong. Russia provided an asymmetric response, demonstrated its stance and imposed sanctions against Turkey. In this case, Turkey should have seized our signal and understood that we're not going to give a symmetrical response, and it certainly should have drawn a conclusion after everything we've made. But it made up an incorrect conclusion, and Davutoğlu claimed that he's going to impose sanctions against Russia. It should be also noted that completely different statements have been heard from Turkey recently, and it did not intent to impose any sanctions. Altogether, all the recent statements of Turkey and the Turkish regime contradict each other. It conveys diffidence of the regime in its foreign policy.