Russia should stop Turkish threat

Who is the Islamic State trading oil with? Which is the current situation on the fronts? And which threat does Turkey pose to the world? — Pravda. Ru conducted an interview with Salih Muslim, leader of the main political group of the Syrian Kurds.

— Sherko Jawdat, chairman of the Kurdistan Parliament's Energy Committee, made a rebuttal Thursday and said that the oil tankers shown in the aerial photos and footage presented by Russia as evidence of the alleged trade are in fact carrying oil from Kurdistan to Turkey. How do you assess such claims? And with whom is the IS trading oil?

— We know, there are a lot of oil fields under the control of Daesh, salafists, in the area of Tel Hamis and others. We knew that this oil is going to us through those traders. A lot of trucks were passing to KRG. We are sure, there are still some tracks going to Turkey through Jarabulus, which is under the control of Daesh. Even some individuals from the regime are involved in this trading. We knew, as it is mentioned, that there are many Turks and Kurds involved in this trading. A lot of traders are from Turks. A lot of trade is going through Iskanderun. There is a pipeline there. All the ways are open.

— Which is the current situation on the fronts?

— Fights are still going on, especially in the area of Sheba. There are many extremists including Daesh, Jabhat al-Nusra, Ahrar ash-Sham. Clashes are going between them and the local forces, the Democratic Syrian Forces mainly. There are Arabs and Turkmens fighting against them, this is from one side. From the other side, the fighting is still going on in Shaddada area, which belongs to Hasaka province.

— Which territories do the Kurds control?

— The Democratic Syrian Forces control all Hasaka except the Shaddadi area, it also extended till Kobani, as well as the Afrin area. Afrin is a little bit isolated, because we have a gap between Afrin and Jarabulus, Kobani. It's about 90 km. So, Afrin area and all the East of Kobani border till Derik is under control of the Kurdish and Democratic Syrian Forces.


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