US wants to set Iran and Russia at loggerheads

US wants to set Iran and Russia at loggerheads

The Wall Street Journal has reported on Washington's attempts to split the union between Russia and Iran.

According to the journalists, the US along with its European and Arab allies have already managed to increase tensions between Moscow and Tehran on the issue of the Syrian future.

Bashar al-Assad is a stumbling block, as always.

Moscow, according to the newspaper, tries to convince the Middle Eastern leaders to help the Syrian regime and keep Assad in power.

Iran shares the same point of view on the problem. However, while it's still possible to come to an agreement with Moscow, Tehran takes a tougher stance, the US believes.

It is noted, that if Moscow works out any agreement with Iran and Assad, it'll frustrate hopes of international consensus.

The US will be trying to play upon contradictions to win the hand.

Thus, The Wall Street Journal asserts that Vladimir Putin has held negotiations with leaders of the Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Israel, where he stated that Moscow would aim to limit the Iranian influence in Syria within the framework of any peaceful settlement of the Syrian issue. The newspaper refers to its sources among senior diplomats.