Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Will black boxes unveil the mystery of Airbus A321 crash?

Black boxes' of the A321 airliner, which crashed over the Sinai Peninsula, hold a 'surprise': the records have sounds uncharacteristic of a common flight. The experts managed to establish that the situation on board was as usual during the 4 minutes before the downing, and the crew did not report aboutany faults.

But right before the plane disappeared off the radar screen, non-standard sounds were heard. Though, in this case, the airliner signaled no distress either. The initial analysis shows that the plane was affected from the outside. According to the Egyptian authorities, the report will be ready in 4 weeks. As we reported, Airbus 321 was heading to St.Petersburg from Sharm el-Sheikh last Saturday. The catastrophe killed 224 people.