Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Assad discusses Syria's future with Putin

Bashar al-Assad's visit to Russia was a brief one. In Moscow, the President of Syria conducted talks with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The presidents discussed the situation in Syria and the struggle against terrorist groups. The two leaders agreed to continue the Russian military action in Syria. The Russian president said that the initiative about the meeting came from Moscow. Putin also expressed his admiration for "the Syrian people, who have been resisting and fighting international terrorism for years almost single-handedly, suffering serious losses. However, Putin added, Syria has achieved considerable progress in the struggle lately. 

He also noted that there were nearly 4,000 residents of former Soviet republics fighting against the Syrian government troops. This is one of the reasons why Moscow and Damascus cooperate. In response, Assad thanked Vladimir Putin and the "Russian people" "for the assistance that they provide for Syria.