Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

US lies about Russia's actions in Syria

US lies about Russia's actions in Syria

The National Interest columnist Matt Purple accused the US of exacerbating the crisis in the Middle East. According to him, supporting and arming the Syrian opposition has made the Islamic State terrorist organization stronger. The terrorists obtained weapons, military training and US anti-tank missiles. Matt Purple wrote that "dreamy" interpretation of the neoconservatives about the  American power do not take account of the lessons of fifteen years of the war in the Middle East.

Adzhar Kurtov, historian, political scientist, editor in chief of Problems of National Strategy

"To be frank, has Bashar al-Assad used weapons of mass destruction against his own people or against his political opponents? No, he hasn't. We all know how the Americans used nuclear bombs at the end of World War II and how they used chemical weapons in Vietnam. The Americans have killed thousands of civilians. The Syrian President has accepted the plan that Russia proposed to destroy chemical weapons under the control of the international community, with Russia's and USA's help. The US can't find more reasons to denigrate the Russian position. They are switching to outright misinformation and deception, because they do not have any facts.