USA won't dare to poke its nose into Syria

USA won't dare to poke its nose into Syria

Western media continue making forecasts about the start of another world war because of Russia's interference in the Syrian conflict. Some publications say that Damascus has become another Afghanistan for Moscow. The New York Times wrote that Russia has deployed Su-24, Su-25, Su-30 fighter jets and Pantsir C1 missile systems in Latakia. All this is pushing the USA towards another standoff with Russia, the newspaper concludes.

Vladimir Dvorkin, Chief Researcher at the Center for International Security:

"The main purpose for the presence of these forces is to protect President Bashar Assad and keep him in the office. As for the question of a coalition front against the "Islamic State" - this is a big question. Russia does not have any means to destroy the bases of the Islamic State, because our high-precision weapons can strike only stationary and previously detected targets, which ISIS does not have.

"Neither the USA nor NATO want Assad, but they realize that overthrowing Assad will create more chaos, especially if the Russians defend Assad. The Islamic State does not have aviation, but Russia has supplied air defense complexes to Syria. Therefore, Russia is getting ready to defend Syria from possible attacks of the Western coalition. If Russia stands firm to protect Assad and his army, the Americans will never poke their noses into Syria."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov