Assad interview: US true colors exposed

Assad interview: US true colors exposed

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad gave an interview to Russian journalists. In the interview, Assad answered most important questions of the month - how to struggle against the Islamic state, and why the West has turned so much against him. According to Assad, the US does not want to deal with sovereign states, and this is the reason why America has taken up arms against the leaders of Russia and Syria. Assad suggested looking at how Western media changed in their reporting after the coup in Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has evolved into an enemy of the West. He is no longer a friend, but a czar, a dictator who suppresses the Russian opposition, who came to power undemocratically, despite the fact that he was elected in a democratic election that the West recognized.

Yet, the United States wants to remove Putin from power to replace him with someone else, who would act in the interests of the USA. According to Assad, the Syrian opposition has been trying to topple the legitimate president of Syria for five years already, but the turning point was 2013, when the US invaded Iraq. It was in Iraq, where the Islamic State appeared under the protection of the USA. These factors created conditions "for the unrest with the support of the West, for financing the Gulf states, particularly Qatar and Saudi Arabia, with the logistic assistance of Turkey. After all, these Gulf states have no idea about democracy, but revolutions do not happen there, Assad said. 

Assad also repeated the words from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The Russian leader, speaking at a summit in Dushanbe, called on the West to stop supporting terrorists. The Syrian President noted that in order to prevent the influx of refugees in Europe, one need to "address the root causes of the problem. If the Europeans are concerned about the fate of the refugees, they should stop supporting terrorists. However, Western countries are lamenting the refugees with one eye while looking at gunpoint with the other." Assad called on all Syrian groups to unite to fight against the Islamic State.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov