Poroshenko goes to Berlin to ask for money

Poroshenko goes to Berlin to ask for money

Ukrainian President Poroshenko is going to meet with Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande in Berlin, August 24.Christiane Wirtz, official representative of the German government has confirmed the information. The negotiations are reported to be held on Poroshenko's initiative. Why do three members of the Normandy format meet without the Russian leader? 

Yuriy Gorodnenko, political scientist and publicist: ''First, if they gather in the Normandy format,certain agreements should be made. In this case there will be no agreements. Second, Ukraine has anAssociation Agreementwith the EU, but not the Eurasian Customs Union, or Russian Federation, that is why there will be leaders of the EU countries and Ukraine. They can talk with Putin by telephone, and don't need to meet with him.'' 

It is reported that there will be discussed current situation in Donbass at the meeting, namely ''intensified shelling ofthe Ukrainian Armed Forces positions and settlements under the Ukrainian authorities control from the militants' side''. 

Yuriy Gorodnenko, political scientist and publicist: ''There should most likely be some financial matters. Poroshenko has nothing else to discuss with Merkel and Hollande. He will contrive possible options to get money. The EU won't give it for the economy, but say - guys, you have your own enterprises, so go on with your economic development, we signed the Association agreement with you and provided some opportunities, you should run your economy on your own. So, Poroshenko can only ask money for some peacekeeping operations, the OSCE support,or something else. Poroshenko can not propose anything the EU, so that it gives him money.''

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