Donbass awaits new war

Donbass awaits new war

Sergey Lavrov, Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs called the Donbass 'line of contact' a 'front'. The Minister noted, that the blame lies with Kiev. Lavrov claimed that 'latest events closely resemble preparation to yet another military action'. 

Artyom Olkhin, editor of the Novorossiyan Izborsk club journal 'Novaya zemlya': 'The shelling is very serious, significant. It does not reach about three or four kilometers the place where I live. Bombardments have been conducted for two days, every night from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. there is an artillery exchange. Thanks God, we have a brigade, which is able to give an adequate response, otherwise it would be worse. Units of the drawn up military equipment speak for themselves. Beside that, Aleksandr Zakharchenko, head of the Republic, not usually inclined to panic, made an emergency statement yesterday and claimed that the Minsk Protocol was ruined. But it does not mean that we are eager to wage war, it means that it is impossible to settle everything in a peaceful way. Because the Ukrainian military units have taken the offensive, their troops here make up at least 65, 000 people.' 

Are the militants ready to repulse an attack of the Ukrainian army and defend their territory?

Artyom Olkhin, editor of the Novorossiyan Izborsk club journal 'Novaya zemlya': 'The morale of the DonetskPeople's Republicarmy is very high. The Minsk Protocol holds the guys, but they are waiting for an order. And as soon as it is issued, I don't envy the Ukrainian party. Our fighters have much higher level of motivation and military training standard, because they are here of their own free will. Again, as Aleksandr Nevsky said, "God is not in force, but in truth", and the truth is that Kiev shells us, but not we Kiev.'

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