US gives veterans to scientologists for experiments

US gives veterans to scientologists for experiments


The Daily Beast revealed the US authorities cooperation with scientologists.

The article reports how the US combats a secret disease gained by the ''Desert Storm'' operation participants.It is also noted, that scientologists try to use the disease to test their theories. And the US Government keeps funding it.

Andrey Fursov, historian, ''The totalitarian sect of scientologists has been originally created and developed in close contact with the US special agencies. And there is nothing unusual in the fact, that the American official authorities turned to scientologists to cure veterans of the ''Desert Storm'' operation. Some problems are being solved here. First of all, the government formally lays down its duties on medical treatment, the sect deals with it. As for the sect, it is also profitable - they will be developing their methods, first of all, those of psychological influence on these poor veterans. Thus, it's an old story of the authorities' contacts with such semi-closed structures, that often represent functional public agencies by themselves. It is not the first US experience in this regard. And it seems to not be the last one.''

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