Kursk submarine disaster: Secret till 2030

Kursk submarine disaster: Secret till 2030

On August 12, Russia marked 15 years since the disaster in the Barents Sea, when 118 people were killed in the sunken Kursk submarine. Ceremonies to pay tribute to the victims of the terrible disaster were held throughout the country. The reasons of the tragedy remain unknown even 15 years later. Russia's Defense Ministry classified the information about the tragedy till 2030. 

Vsevolod Khmyrov, commander of the K-241 submarine, Hero of Russia, Rear Admiral:

"I reported that to then-Chief Koroedov and commander of the Northern Fleet, and I am still convinced that the disaster occurred solely because of the problems on board the submarine. Yet, i do not know the reason why the ammo exploded. When such disasters occur, the reason lies in a chain of events. Submariners say that victory at sea starts on land. There is nothing that you can do under the water, so the quality of works on land to prepare the vessel for a mission is the key to victory. Flaws ensure death and destruction."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov