Who will buy the French Mistrals?

Who will buy the French Mistrals?

France plans to find new buyers for its Mistral ships. According to Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, several countries have already expressed interest in the ships that France made for Russia. Turkey and India are said to be possible buyers.

Alex Fenenko, Assistant Professor, Department of World Politics, Moscow State University

"It is unlikely that Turkey will buy the ships. India may think of purchasing one. First and foremost, the Mistrals are expensive ships. Turkey has entered a large war, and such a ship is too costly for this country. Besides, Mistrals are the ships designed for specific purposes. To cut it short, a Mistral vessel is made to deliver large commando units to places of required destination. Does Turkey need such a ship? Is there a reason for Turkey to buy it? India does not have a rival that would require the purchase of such a ship either. Finally, the French built the two Mistrals for Russian helicopters. In other words, a buyer of those vessels will have to redesign the whole base for the helicopters on board."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov