Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Japan wants USA to explain 'Target Tokyo' report

Japan is waiting for explanations from the US government. Wikileaks has recently published "Target Tokyo" report from which it became clear that the National Security Agency of the United States had been wiretapping senior Japanese officials for years. It goes about Japanese Prime Minister Abe, other members of the government and Mitsubishi representatives.
Valery Kistanov, director of the Center for Japanese Studies:

 "Of course, Japan was shocked. The Japanese would never expect that from their ally.

Many explain the publication of the report with the development of cooperation between Japan and the USA as part of trans-Pacific partnership. The report was supposedly published to undermine the relations between the two countries.

Valery Kistanov, director of the Center for Japanese Studies:

"They are interested in signing a relevant agreement to give this partnership a go. Japan and the USA still have many questions to each other as far as the opening of their markets is concerned. Yet, Japan and America have common interests in the field of military security. They share economic interests and they both fear the growing influence of China. No one will terminate relations because of the Wikileaks report. Look at the similar story that happened to Germany and France. They were tapping Merkel's phone, they were tapping Sarkozy as well. But nothing happened."