Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Obama disappointed in Americans and their guns

Obama disappointed in Americans and their guns

The biggest disappointment of Barack Obama's entire presidency is his inability to legally toughen gun control rules.

As Obama himself said, the 9/11 terror attacks killed less than a hundred Americans, whereas tens of thousands of Americans were killed by gun violence.

The United States Constitution allows American citizens to own firearms. In most states, US citizens have the right to carry guns for self-defense. According to a research by the University of Chicago, weapon permits reduce the number of murders, robberies and rapes.

The National Rifle Association has found that perpetrators most often use unregistered weapons that they acquired illegally.

However, opponents of the free sale of guns refer to the fact that children may often use weapons as well. Every year, more than a thousand minor citizens of the United States are killed by bullets. News reports of mass shootings in the USA do not surprise anyone now. Most recently, two people were killed and seven were injured as a result in cinema shooting in Louisiana.


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