Obama wants Putin to make small steps towards USA

Obama wants Putin to make small steps towards USA

US President Barack Obama gave a detailed interview to The New York Times. Obama spoke about relations with Iran, Israel and Russia. He also spoke about his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

According to the United States, he was inspired by a phone call from the Russian president, when Putin, on his own initiative, decided to discuss the situation in Syria.

Barack Obama said that Russia "understands that the Assad regime was losing control over most of Syria. According to Obama, the fall of the Syrian regime and the seizure of power by Sunni jihadists becomes more and more real.
Obama said Moscow's understanding gives the States an opportunity to start a serious dialogue.

Obama stated that "Bashar Assad, who enjoys Putin's patronage, has lost legitimacy among most of the population in the country. The more people he kills, the less legitimacy he will have, and it will strengthen extremists," the US president said.

Obama expressed a hope that Putin would make "small steps" towards the United States.


Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov