Yanukovych calls loss of Crimea Ukraine's tragedy

Yanukovych calls loss of Crimea Ukraine's tragedy

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych gave his first interview to a foreign publication after the crisis in the southeast of the country. The former Ukrainian leader told a BBC journalist that the loss of the Crimea was a "tragedy" that Ukraine could have avoided if Yanukovych had stayed at power. Returning the Crimea to Ukraine is unreal today, he said - it would be impossible without a war. Does Ukraine need another war, he asked himself a question.

The loss of the Crimea became a consequence of Maidan riots that were organized by "criminals" and "radical nationalists." Yanukovych accused the sitting Kiev government of inaction and claimed that no one was investigating last year's bloody events in Kiev. The ex-president thanked Vladimir Putin for all his help and said that the Russian president saved his life. To crown it all, Yanukovych admitted that he had not taken enough efforts to stop the bloodshed on Maidan. The current events in the south east of Ukraine are nothing but the genocide of the local population, he stated. 


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov