Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

As many as 5,000 Russians join ISIS

As many as 5,000 Russians join ISIS

The story about the detention of a Russian female student of the Moscow State University, Varvara Karaulova, who decided to run away from home to join the ranks of the Islamic State does not seem to be surprising anymore. 

According to Russian security officials, there are up to five thousand Russian citizens fighting on the side of ISIS terrorists

The head of the CIS Anti-Terrorist Center Andrei Novikov said that "a part of the information about the citizens of the Russian Federation was confirmed and documented. 

Unfortunately, the story of the escape of Varvara Karaulova, became public only owing to her father, who went to Russian security services, that, in turn, informed Turkish colleagues and Interpol. Another 13 Russian citizens were detained on the border along with Varvara. The arrests came as a surprise, as no one was looking for those people.  

Back in February, director of the Russian Federal Security Service Alexander Bortnikov, said that there were nearly 2,000 Russians fighting with terrorists. All those people crossed the border easily to build an imaginary new world. 


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