Europe sacrifices its own economy for US

Europe sacrifices its own economy for US

White House spokesman Josh Ernest said that because of the sanctions war with Russia, many EU countries were sacrificing themselves, because Europe was more integrated with Russia rather than with the United States. Is there a possibility for the European Union to lift sanctions against Russia after such remarks from a top US official?

Tatiana Isachenko, Professor, Department of International Economic Relations and Foreign Economic Relations at MGIMO: 

"This is an obvious fact, and the White House spokesman has discovered nothing new here.  Everyone can see the impact of sanctions on Greece, Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. The tourist season is opening now, and the sanctions will manifest themselves at a greater extent. The Russian tourist is a very valuable member of the European economy. Yet, the Europeans see no other way of putting pressure on Russia. The sanctions policy will end at the time when Europe takes a sober look at the events in Ukraine. During this information warfare, one and the same material is produced with different descriptions. Russian news agencies say that it is the Ukrainian army shelling the Donbass, but in Europe and America, the same footage is shown as attacks of the Russian troops on the Ukrainian territory."


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov