Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

US to target missiles on Russia from Europe

According to The Associated Press, the United States harbors plans to deploy ground-based missiles in Europe or Asia to target Russia. Washington officials believe that these measures would be required as Russia poses a threat to other countries. According to the US, not only has Russia annexed the Crimea, but also violated agreements from the time of the cold war, namely the treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range Missiles.

USA plans to decapitate Russia within minutes

Russia has denied the US accusations. The Director of the Department for Non-Proliferation and Arms Control at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mikhail Ulyanov, said that Washington had no evidence there. The purpose of the recent accusations against Russia is to discredit the country to make it look as a state that violates international obligations."

However, the US government still hopes that Moscow will stand "on the right path". For the time being, the States will continue to struggle with the Kremlin with the help of diplomatic means.