Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Blatter's resignation questions World Cup 2018 in Russia

Blatter's resignation questions World Cup 2018 in Russia

The International Federation of Football Associations has lost its main symbol, Joseph Blatter. Blatter has been in charge of the organization for 40 years. On June 2, Blatter suddenly resigned, only a few days after he was reelected as FIFA President. 

Dmitry Svishchev, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sports and Youth:

"The political pressure has not eased after the election. Probably some new facts about FIFA have emerged and they affected his decision. Unfortunately, a big friend of Russian football has now left his post. This does not promise anything positive to Russia, of course.  

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Blatter is expected to step down officially at a special congress of the organization in December 2015. As for the new head of the organization, there is an interesting persona at this point - Jordanian Prince Ali bin al-Hussein.  

"He said that he respected the choice of any country. He would follow freedom of speech and humanitarian principles. The prince will be guided by the political situation in the world. A Kremlin representative said that Russia would work with any administration of FIFA to defend our position and the legal right to host World Cup 2018 in Russia.