Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russia sanctions 89 European officials

Russia sanctions 89 European officials

Russia has made its own sanctions list that includes officials of the European Union. Form now on,89 politicians, officials and military will not be able to cross the border of the Russian Federation. Moscow's actions came in response to similar measures from the EU, but foreign publications are full of negative articles, most of which say that Russia is showing unwillingness to wrap up the  confrontation with the West on the issue of Ukraine.

Joseph Diskin, political scientist, co-chairman of the National Strategy Council

"Russia has shown good will to implement the Minsk Accords. Russia has shown as much influence as possible on our friends in Novorossiya, to convince them to remain a part of Ukraine under certain conditions. The only thing that Russia wants Western countries to do is to show objectivity and political honesty to urge Ukraine to implement its part of the Minks Accords. The list was Russia's answer. It is about time Russia should respond to the policy of personal sanctions.