Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Japan wants Putin to come to Tokyo. For what?

Japan wants Putin to come to Tokyo. For what?

During the meeting with Russian State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin, Japanese Foreign Minister Masahiko Komura said that the Japanese administration would like to see Russian President Vladimir Putin in Tokyo. According to Komura, the Prime Minister of Japan is seriously thinking about such a possibility. 

Vitaly Shvydko, chief of sector for Japan economics and politics at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations: 

"Strictly speaking, this is a confirmation of their earlier commitment. The visit was originally planned for last year, but was then delayed due to the crisis in Ukraine. Now the Japanese have confirmed that they are ready to invite Putin to Japan. However, the date has not been set yet." 

Sergei Naryshkin said that the Japanese side would have to conduct preparatory work for Putin's visit to Tokyo. However, the Japanese side, in the person of Prime Minister Abe, has not offered anything specific. According to Abe, he is willing to raise the relations with Russia to a new level. The Prime Minister of Japan is determined to develop relations in all fields, particularly in business, investment and sport. Abe also promised to continue negotiations for the solution of the problem of South Kuril Islands and for the conclusion of the peace treaty with Russia. 

However, the date of Putin's visit to Japan remains a mystery.