Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Russia insulted Canada in ice hockey?

Russia insulted Canada in ice hockey?

Canada - 6, Russia - 1 - this score cut the heart of almost all Russian citizens. Team Canada destroyed Russia in ice hockey World Championship. The defeat of the Russian team, as usual, sparked many talks about the weak game of the Russian players. Those who praised and worshipped goalkeeper Bobrovsky after the game with the USA, replaced their admiration with total rejection. Some even blamed the commentator of the match saying that his voice brings bad luck.

Soon, the talk about the devastating score went into the background. The Internet community became preoccupied with another question, wondering why the Russian team left the ice before the anthem of Canada was played.

Team spokesman Igor Larin said that there was no gesture in the situation. According to him, the organizers opened a side gate before the Canadian national anthem was played. This provoked confusion, and some of the Russian players left the ice, while others stayed. International Ice Hockey Federation President Rene Fasel said that the behavior of the team "harmed both Russia and ice hockey" and added that the Russian team would be punished for the move.

Daniil Markov, hockey player, defender of CSKA Moscow: 

"This displayed disrespect for opponents that won and beat the rival on all counts. I do not know who came up with the idea to leave and how it happened. I understand that there are incidents related to refereeing or some controversial moments, then you can lose tempter as a hot head. When that happens - it's just a shame for the country and for the Russian people."