North Korea's Defense Minister publicly executed

North Korea's Defense Minister publicly executed

North Korean defence minister Hyon Yong-chol was publicly shot with anti-aircraft machine guns. The execution was carried out in front of the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un and several hundreds of people. The minister forfeited his life for disobedience and disrespect towards Kim Jong-un, as well as for falling asleep at the Ministry of Defence meeting.

The information is provided from Seoul, namely by the deputy director of the National intelligence service Khan-Gi-Bom during a closed briefing for the members of the Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence. The "secret" information should have been let out by the journalists. However, almost none of the experts believe it.

Konstantin Asmolov, senior research fellow at the Centre of Korean research Institute of Far East Russian Academy of Science: "You should fully realize what the South Korean Intelligence Service is. That is neither Federal Security Service, nor CIS, nor Mossad, it's not even the Ukrainian Security Service. It's a bureau that comes to prominence due to various so to say epic fakes from time to time.

All sorts of news category - in North Korea is a regular Intelligence report to the deputies. Naturally, it takes place of a secret closed briefing, where they explain that they earn their salt, and reveal smth terrible and find some secret data, just like in this case. That is, they said it at one of such closed briefings and one of the deputies of the ruling party let it then out to journalists. The Minister may have been removed from his position, but let us remember a range of stories about a shot girlfriend of Kim Jong-un, who appeared safe and sound in 8 months and so on".


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov