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Champions League: Germany v. Germany?

Not necessarily. True, Germany's first and second-placed teams thrashed Spain's first and second: Barcelona lost 4-0 at Bayern and Real Madrid 4-1 at Dortmund. While Bayern is not AC Milan (collapsing), Messi is magic and as for the other match, Mourinho is a magician.

Wednesday April 23

Borussia Dortmund 4 Real Madrid 1

Lewandowski             C. Ronaldo 43

8, 50, 55, 66 (Pen)

A cruel second half for Mourinho, after leaving the field at 45 minutes with an excellent result. However, do not rule Real out.

Semi-Finals Tuesday April 23

Bayern Munich 4 Barcelona 0

T.Müller 25, 82

Mário Gomez 49

Robben 73

Why do I get the feeling that the Bayern-Barcelona tie is not over...yet? After Bayern Munich turned on the class to outclass Barça in Germany at the Fussball Arena in Munich, Barcelona has a four-goal disadvantage to pull back. Impossible? They'll make a go of it.


Barcelona 1 Paris Saint-Germain 1 Aggregate 3-3 Barcelona wins on away goals

Pedro Rodríguez 71   Pastore 50

First leg

PSG 2                   Barcelona 2

Ibrahimovic 79    Messi 38

Matuidi 90+4       Xavi Hernández 89 (Pen)


Juventus 0 Bayern Munich 2 Aggregate 4-0 to Bayern

                    Mandzukic 64

                    Pizarro 90+1

First leg

Bayern Munich 2 Juventus 0

Alaba 1

T. Müller 63

Malaga threw away a 2-1 lead and a 2-2 draw in three minutes, losing concentration and losing the game right at the end against Borussia Dortmund after drawing the first game at home in Spain. Real lost at Galatasaray but precious goals from Cristiano Ronaldo (who else?) saved the day.

Dortmund 3 Malaga 2 (First leg Málaga 0 Dortmund 0) Aggregate: 3-2

Lewandowski 40    Joaquín 25

Reus 90+1              Eliseu 82

Felipe Santana 90+3

Galatasaray 3 Real Madrid 2 (First leg Real Madrid 3 Galatasaray 0)

Aggregate 3-5

Eboué 57                 Ronaldo 7, 90+2

Sneijder 70

Drogba 72


First game Real 3 Galatasaray 0

Ronaldo, 9

Benzema, 29

Higuaín, 73


Europa League semi-finals


Basel v. Chelsea

Fenerbahçe v. Benfica


Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey