Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey

Becks: What next?

Where will David Beckham be playing soccer in the New Year? Gossip has linked him to London's Queens Park Rangers, Monaco in France and other clubs in the Premiership and across the European Continent. At 37, former England captain David Beckham, is in the twilight of his playing career, however... is the future playing or business?

As Becks plays his final game in his five-year stint with Los Angeles Galaxy on December 1, his ties with the club and with the soccer scene across the United States of America is far from over. He has actioned an ownership buy-in clause, giving him a percentage of the club and recently made a statement saying he has seen soccer grow in popularity across the USA and stressed his belief that soccer "had no limits" in terms of potential. Tellingly, the phrase "I want to be part of it".

So, we can be sure that the relationship between Becks and soccer in the USA is at its dawn, while his playing career reaches its dusk in the Old Continent. Where, is another question.

Beckham has stated that he wants to play for one more year. Links between him and AS Monaco in France have been flying around the newspapers but yesterday the player himself stated that he had been informed of the news by a friend in London, but that was the first he had heard about it. Other clubs more firmly linked to midfield player David Beckham are Paris Saint Germain (France), Queens Park Rangers and West Ham United in the Premier League, England.

Aleksei Federov