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Frozen teenager falls out of passenger jetliner and flies 400 meters down

The dead body of a young man has been recently found in the Moscow region. The man most likely fell out of an airplane on which he was flying. Apparently, the teenager tried to repeat the “heroic deed” of Andrei Scherbakov, 15, who survived the flight from his native city of Perm to Moscow in the landing gear well of a passenger plane (article).

The body was found 12 kilometers far from the international airport of Domodedovo, in the area, where passenger airplanes gain altitude after take-offs. The body was found severed into several parts due to the fall from a large height, the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper reports.

The body of the unfortunate passenger was found by a construction worker. Walking in the forest with his dog the man suddenly saw a human leg hanging in a tree. A moment later he saw the rest of the mutilated body lying on the ground.

Forensic experts examined the body and concluded that the young man died as a result of a fall from a large altitude. The age of the victim has not been identified yet.

“It was an Asian guy, a teenager of about 17 years. The victim has not been identified yet. Experts found a wallet and a piece of paper with several Moscow phone numbers on it. We tried to reach someone on those numbers but the calls were not answered,” a police official said.

All the specialists who examined the body came to conclusion that the young man had fallen down on the ground from a very high altitude. The tree, near which the body was found, has many of its branches broken.

“Fragments of clothes and soft tissue were found in the places where the branches of the tree were broken. Most likely, the man fell out of a plane. There are many planes flying in this area. Any kinds of flights on helicopters or gliders are strictly forbidden in this area,” a police officer said.

Most likely, the man was flying in the wheel well of the plane. The plane was flying at the height of about 10,000 meters. The young passenger had only two T-shirts and a pair of jeans on, so it was absolutely impossible for him to survive the extreme cold of 50 degrees below zero Centigrade. To crown it all, a human being will die of suffocation at the height more than 7,000 meters above the ground.

“A human being will inevitably die of oxygen starvation at the height of 8,000 meters. It is a matter of only five minutes. A human or any other living being will not be able to live for more than eight minutes under such conditions,” an expert of aviation security, Valentin Nikolayev said.

The frozen body fell out of the plane as it was approaching the Domodedovo airport. It fell about 400 meters down and hit a tree. The boy’s leg was severed in the fall through the tree, while the rest of the body fell down on the ground.

No one knows how and what for the young man climbed into the wheel well of the plane.

“It is strange but we have not found the boy’s shoes or at least pieces of it. He may have taken his shoes off before climbing in the well of the landing gear. We believe that the young man simply watched too much TV. He was probably impressed with reports about people flying for free in wheel wells of airplanes,” an investigator said.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov