Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

No one will ever know what women want in this world

What does a woman want? The answer is that a woman wants to be the mastrer of her fate. From the point of view of psychoanalysis a female is not only a real creature but rather a mythological one. Myths and reality get so closely interlaced that one can hardly see the distinction between them in a person’s psychical world. Mythological aspects in human psyche and understanding of shadowy sides of the soul are the way to learn the depth of human nature.

To win a woman’s heart a man should perceive her dual nature completely. Anyone living close to a woman has to share the life with two women at once: an inward woman and an external one. The external woman lives in a real world and is seen to all. This woman is pragmatic, and her upbringing agrees with the norms of the society. The inward woman emerges suddenly and disappears in an instant thus leaving an impression that people who saw her witnessed something astonishing and wise. When it comes to emotions, one side reveals much ardour and languor while the other still stays as cold as ice. It often happens so that one side is even happier while the other has no idea what she actually wants. The two-in-one women are separate but still interrelated elements that generate thousands of various combinations in the soul. If a woman makes a big secret of one of her sides or on the contrary treats the other too kindly her life then grows too one-sided, and she has no opportunity to make good use of her potential. It is important to develop both sides.

Men have their own dual nature: human and instinctive. Men who reject their duality seek for a perfect woman, one truth and one invariable feminine essence.

Women often feel attraction to partners having persistence and intellect, and wishing to understand their inmost nature. If a woman gets such a partner she will devote the entire of her love and faithfulness to him.

A man should understand his own instinctive nature, the creature inhabiting the dark and remote ends of the soul. If a man wants to solve a woman’s dual nature he needs to develop this talent for cognition.

Hunters seeking to learn the dual nature of soul may one day feel less resolution and turn off the road. This may be the temptation of their own unconscious nature wishing to subordinate a woman for own pleasure just to use her or to satisfy their hunter hunger.

A woman can unveil the secret of female duality to a partner having much sensitiveness. She can tell him about her inmost woman living inside and making a match with her. A woman will do this by teaching a man to ask two crafty questions that she usually asks to feel if she is seen, listened to and understood. The first question is ‘What do you want?’, and the second and more important one is ‘What does your inmost soul want?’

Men are certainly to be extremely surprised when they fail to see a woman’s dual nature because when this nature awakens a woman reveals emotions and thoughts that are absolutely atypical of her and that she has never demonstrated before.

To build a stable connection with her partner she will ask him the two questions. A woman usually considers both her nature and a man’s dual nature, and information she gets from both sides helps her define what her partner appreciates most of all and how she must behave in this connection.

Partners open for learning are the best. Those who dislike learning can not enjoy the opportunity of option and have to suppress their emotions and thoughts. In general, the reluctance to keep on learning is the only thing that feeds sufferings.

A ‘wild’ man is looking for his earthly woman. It is true that the deepest love means to let other person’s wild soul excite you. The world has so many protective barriers meant for people who fear to become losers that one can hardly enjoy the opportunity of dissolving into other man’s soul. The primeval mission of a man is to learn the true nature of a woman not with the view of subordinating her but for understanding the divine substance that a woman is made of.

Translated by Maria Gousseva