Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Texan man divorces American wife and finds love of his life in Siberia

Jerry Johnston is an American. He is 58 years old. His two marriages were unhappy. “Never again I’m gonna marry an American woman!” Jerry said shortly after his second marriage crumbled to dust.

“Those women make a career the most important part of their lives. A family is always a runner-up for them,” Jerry used to say bitterly. Then he was introduced to his friend’s fiancée. She was a Russian woman, who looked attractive, well-behaved and soft-hearted. Jerry was spellbound by her.

“You look like a perfect choice for forming a family,” Jerry said to her. “Incidentally, I’m looking for the person just like you. Could you recommend anybody?” he asked his friend’s fiancée that night. “All the women in Russia are just like me,” she answered shyly. It was the night when Jerry made up his mind: he is going to marry a Russian woman. Period. He posted his cry for love and affection on the Internet. He received several letters from Russia every day, but none of them could stir his interest. Jerry was persistent in his pursuit against all odds.

He started going to a local parish of the Russian Orthodox Church. “Dear Lord, may I have a Russian wife,” he would pray every time he went to church.

One day Jerry came across a letter that came from Siberia. He opened an attachment and saw a smiling blonde seated at a sofa. No sooner had he read a candidate’s profile than he realized: “She’s the one I’m looking for!”

Svetlana’s marriage began to disintegrate shortly after the wedding party. She had to bring up her daughter on her own. Svetlana had to work hard to keep food on the table. There was no time left for social life or dating. Svetlana started having second thoughts about her private life only after her daughter enrolled in a university. Svetlana’s best friend finally talked her into posting a letter on the Internet.

At the beginning, Svetlana and Jerry simply maintained communication via the Internet. Then Jerry started calling Svetlana every night. He paid for her English lessons once he realized that she could hardly understand what he was saying over the phone. Then Jerry began sending Svetlana presents from abroad: a box of chocolates, a golden bracelet etc. One day her doorbell rang. She opened the door and saw a courier holding a huge bouquet of purple roses.

Subsequently, Svetlana learned that Jerry was a native of Texas and he could handle horses well. Jerry even promised to teach her to ride horseback. He owns a company and a two-story mansion in Texas. Svetlana is Jerry’s junior by sixteen years. By no means is she baffled by the fact: “He’s miles better than any young man. I’ve been especially impressed by his superb sense of humor,” Svetlana said. Jerry received a videotape from Svetlana for his birthday. He put it on and heard Svetlana singing “Happy birthday to you” in English. “Aren’t we meant for each other?” she asked him before the scene faded out.

Needless to say, it did not take long for Jerry to book the next flight to Russia. He took Svetlana to St. Nicholas Cathedral, which is located in the center of the city. The 58-year-old Johnston went down on his knees and said the following: “Be my wife! You can go to this church any day and any hour to recall my proposing to you,” said he. It was the day he proposed marriage and she accepted. Now Svetlana is looking forward to get a visa and fly to the United States.

Komsomolskaya Pravda
Translated by Guerman Grachev